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The most potentially difficult part of aging is the loss of independence. Many seniors find that daily tasks require too much of them. A combination of physical exhaustion and aging creates unnecessary risks from living alone. The elderly or their families often turn to leaving the home for assisted living or nursing care, which is a deeply painful process.

However, HomeWell Senior Care provides an alternative. Our team of Personal Assistants offers services that allow aging individuals to live at home while remaining safe and secure.

Through our team of homemakers, companions, and home health aides, we create solutions that empower the elderly to lead their own lives confidently.

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When you reach out to HomeWell of Oakville, we provide a no-obligation needs assessment for your loved one. We understand the specific needs and goals for your situation, so our team can develop the perfect solution for you—while remaining affordable! Our care coordinator also works with any existing medical providers you have to create a comprehensive plan, accounting for each detail.

Give your loved one the gift of independent living and dignity. Contact HomeWell of Oakville today.

Care 4 Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation

HomeWell Senior Care donates 10% of the first three months billing revenue based on referrals from Hamilton Health Sciences. When contacting HomeWell Senior Care, at 905-639-4357 or 888-262-3026, please identify that you are calling as a result of the Care4 program at Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation.