About HomeWell Senior Care

Committed to Personalized Care Solutions

For nearly 20 years, founder Joshua Hoffman has been dedicated to providing compassionate senior care to residents throughout the U.S. and Canada. HomeWell evolved out of Hoffman’s Home Helpers, which was founded back in 1996. Our mission is to make seniors’ lives more comfortable through our cost-effective and caring services.

Joshua’s journey into senior care began when he was just 19 after he became a caregiver in a nursing home. His time there had a major impact on his life, helping him carve a path for his future. Working as a caregiver gave him the desire to provide one-on-one support and service to people. Soon, Joshua began working for a home care agency that provided non-medical care to seniors.

Employing Compassionate Personal Assistants

Making his clients feel safe and comfortable was Joshua’s sole focus and greatest reward during that time. It dawned on him that compassionate in-home care can truly make an impact on someone and enhance the quality of life a senior enjoys. He decided to create HomeWell Senior Care to employ caring personal assistants who would deliver this type of service.

The One-to-One Attention Your Loved One Needs

Explore Our Care Services

We offer diverse care from the following types of personal assistants:

  • Companions
  • Homemakers
  • Home Health Aides
  • Caregivers
  • Personal Support Workers
  • Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs)

Upholding a Philosophy of Care

At HomeWell, we uphold old-fashioned values supported by modern day technology and business tools. We truly care about the individuals we serve and care for! Our philosophy is to provide a diverse range of care to meet seniors’ needs across Canada. We believe in letting seniors stay in the comfort of their own homes. All our franchisees and their staff are committed to providing quality care backed by compassion and respect. We are on a mission to enhance the lives of elderly individuals!

Our personal assistants help you preserve the dignity and quality of life that seniors experience. Call us today at (888) 262-3026 to find out more.