Life Enrichment Activities Program (L.E.A.P)

Providing Engaging, Exciting, and Fun Activities for Seniors

HomeWell has been serving seniors for nearly two decades. We understand how important it is for elderly individuals to have the opportunity to engage in activities that make life richer, more fulfilling, and fun! That is why we provide L.E.A.P., our Life Enrichment Activities Program. We want to put the sense of adventure and excitement back into the lives of seniors!

Trying something new can increase the vitality and energy elderly individuals have. HomeWell wants to make sure seniors are given the opportunity to enjoy themselves, whether they have limitations or not. We perform an assessment of each clients’ abilities and make sure we pair them with suitable hobbies and activities for their limitations. This means we create an individual plan under our L.E.A.P. program that works for each client!

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How L.E.A.P. Can Help Your Loved One

Without engagement of the mind, seniors’ may feel like their life is dull, boring, and bland. We want to restore an excitement and a love for life through fun and simple activities. L.E.A.P. helps provide your elderly loved one with life-enriching activates, events, and hobbies that they can engage in.

Some of our common activities include the following:

  • Finding new hobbies or learning new skills
  • Attending a sports game
  • Enrolling in classes or events
  • Visiting local attractions and historical areas
  • Taking trips to museums or art shows
  • Going to musical performances

Even simple events or activities can go a long way in helping seniors find joy and excitement in life again. Company from personal assistants also provides a sense of companionship during this time. New experiences can keep an elderly individual’s spirits young, giving them a fresh perspective on life!

Find Out What Activities in Our Program Fit Your Situation

When you call our care coordinator, they can assess your or your elderly loved one’s situation to determine what type of activities best suit your needs, preferences, and other matters. Our goal is to create a perfect plan that will allow each senior to enjoy life and experience new things.

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