Helpful Senior Care Resources

Information for Seniors, Family Members, & Loved Ones

At HomeWell, we understand how overwhelming and challenging this time can be. Dealing with the obstacles of aging can be frustrating and stressful in many cases. The good news is that we are here to help you navigate this time with grace and dignity. Our personal assistants aim to help seniors enjoy a healthy, fun, and exciting life in the comfort of their own homes! If you are looking for more information on senior health, the obstacles of aging, and other helpful resources, be sure to check out the links below.

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Resources Links

  • Advocacy Centre for the Elderly: As a community based legal clinic for low income senior citizens, ACE provides helpful resources, legal support, and other information for elderly individuals.
  • Alzheimer Society of Ontario: Unfortunately, this common disease effects many elderly individuals. You can find helpful insight and information on the disease from the Alzheimer Society of Ontario.
  • Community Care Access Centre: Get connected with the care you need in your local community in Ontario. Visit the website to learn more about the options and programs available.
  • Find helpful resources from this awareness organization on the topics of prescription/OTC drugs, medical devices, and numerous health issues affecting the elderly.
  • Ontario Long Term care Association: As the largest association of long-term care providers in the Ontario area, they offer helpful resources and information for those in need of long-term care.
  • Ontario Seniors’ Secretariat: Find helpful resources and information on improving the quality of life for seniors. This organization has created programs and policies to meet the needs of seniors and help them live healthy, active lives.
  • Veterans Affairs Canada: We are proud to provide exceptional care to veterans and assist them with finding out more information about care options. Review this website to find recognition of their services to Canada, including their great achievements and sacrifices over the years.

HomeWell is happy to direct you to any additional resources or information you may need. Feel free to reach us to us today at (888) 262-3026.